The Development Of Data Waste (d-waste) Scale Toward For Computer Users
The Development Of Data Waste (d-waste) Scale Toward For Computer Users

Author : - Murat TUNCER
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Next to educational purposes, in today’s world, computers have turned into tools pervasively used in research activities. In the emergence of this new situation it can be alleged that fast access to developing and changing amount of data via computers and the possibility of storing such data have collectively been influential. One of the issues deserving analysis throughout this process is data and learning residuals related to user behaviors. In relevant literature no research focusing on such dimension of computer-assisted learning has yet been encountered. In current research it has been aimed to develop a scale to use in searching the reasons accounting for data residuals related to behaviors of computer users. Within that scope the participants of scale development study have been selected amidst 93 academicians from Fırat and Tunceli Universities. According to exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, four-factor and 13-item structure of data residual scale addressing to computer users with its CFI (,930), GFI (,868), IFI (,934), RMSEA (,070) and SRMR (,088) values is successful with respect to scale development study. It is believed that this scale can be employed in interim assessments that shall be conducted to enable a better implementation of computer-assisted studies.




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