Turkish Moral Metacognition Scale (TMMS): The Study of Adaptation, Validation and Reliability
Turkish Moral Metacognition Scale (TMMS): The Study of Adaptation, Validation and Reliability

Author : Ümit Duruk - Esra Açıkgül Fırat - Abuzer Akgün
Number of pages : 153-163


Metacognition is an invaluable agent in ethical decision making process. This is because it gives individuals the opportunity to switch gears through the monitoring and control of thinking in solving complex ethical dilemmas. It can be said that the importance of studies evaluating the decision-making process from a moral point of view increases considering the necessity of taking a huge number of decisions in today's complex world. However, studies that measure metacognition as a domain-specific capacity are rarely encountered. The purpose of the present study, then, was to adapt the moral metacognition scale developed in English by McMahon and Good (2016) into Turkish language and to evaluate dimensionality of the scale. The study participants consisted of 302 prospective teachers. This study is a scale adaptation study performed in line with the survey method. The psychometric properties of the instrument have been established by the use of confirmatory factor analysis. Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was used to determine the internal consistency of each of the confirmed factors. Data collected from the sample were tested for sampling adequacy. KMO value was found .85 as meritorious and Bartlett test that examines homogeneity of variances was significant. To validate the scale, we ran a four-factor confirmatory factor analysis using chi-square statistic (χ2/df = 1.33; RMSEA=0.045; SRMR=0.063; RMR=0.059; CFI=0.97; GFI=0,89). Given these values, it was seen that scale’s hypothesized measurement model with four factors was consistent with actual data yielding good fit indices. In addition, the overall internal reliability of the scale was found to be .87 and .75, .72, .56, .74 for the dimensions in the scale, respectively. The results showed that the scale met the validity and reliability. In conclusion, Turkish version of the moral metacognition scale provided a valid and reliable measure of moral metacognition across preservice teachers.


Moral learning, ethical decision-making, moral metacognition, scale adaptation


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