Students, Responsibility, Visual Perceptions, Social Studies, School
An Analysis on Responsibility and Visual Perceptions on Responsibility among 8th Grade Students

Author : Ayşegül Çelik
Number of pages : 230-255


The aim of the present study is to determine to what extent responsibility, a value included in the Social Studies curriculum, is encouraged among 8th-grade students as well as to analyse their visual perceptions regarding responsibility. The research study makes use of the mixed model to determine the level of encouragement of the value of responsibility and visual perceptions of students. The present study employs the concurrent triangulation pattern included in the mixed method. The research study group consists of 8th-grade students from two different public middle schools in the Central Anatolian region in Turkey during the 2018-2019 spring semester. The quantitative data collection tool for the research was the sense of responsibility scale consisting of 18 items. This is a Likert scale handling the concept of responsibility from an emotional and behavioural dimension. The scale consists of four degrees. The qualitative data collection tool for the present study is the draw-and-write method. The quantitative data of the study were analysed using the software tool SPSS. The research study opted for the use of NVIVO, a software tool, for the analysis of the qualitative data. In this research, students' perceptions of sense of responsibility, responsibility behavior and responsibility value were examined. As a result, some findings were obtained among the variables related to the responsibility value of the students and it was determined that the students had various perceptions about the value of responsibility


Students, Responsibility, Visual Perceptions, Social Studies, School


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