A Comparative Analysis of Mother Language Teaching Curricula of Turkey, Singapore and Ireland
Türkiye, Singapur ve İrlanda Ana Dil Öğretim Programlarının Karşılaştırmalı Olarak İncelenmesi

Author : Emine Seda Koç
Number of pages : 10-28


Reading, which takes parts at comprehension dimension of a language, is one of the basic skills that is necessary for learning. In this study, it is aimed to analyze the mother language teaching curricula that are the major tools for bringing in this skill and accordingly the curricula of Turkey, Sıngapore and Ireland have been analyzed in accordance with PIRLS reading skills. This study, that is an example for qualitative research, has been conducted in accordance with case study model and document analysis method has been used for analyzing the curricula. According to the findings of the study, It has been concluded that the majority of the attainments identified as similar to the PIRLS skills in the mother language curriculum of Turkey is associated with low levels of skills and there are 3 attainments related to the high-level reading skills. It is concluded that there is not any attainments in the curriculum that overlaps with intermediate or advanced reading skills. It has also determined that in the Singapore mother language curriculum, different skills for each level are included and similarly mostly high and advanced skills are included in the in Ireland's 1999 and 2016 mother language curricula


Reading, Mother language teaching, PIRLS skills


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