Analysis of Pre-Service Music Teachers’ Ability to Accompany School Songs on Piano
Analysis of Pre-Service Music Teachers’ Ability to Accompany School Songs on Piano

Author : Ömer Bilgehan Sonsel - Çağla Serin Özparlak
Number of pages : 110-125


Use of a piano accompaniment by music teachers in song teaching allows students to improve their rhythmic hearing, hear the polyphony, and comprehend the discipline of collective music. A music teacher learns the concept of piano accompaniment mainly in piano accompaniment course existing in the curriculum of music teaching bachelor program, as well as several other courses focusing on educational music. Being a descriptive study, purpose of this research is to analyze the ability of pre-service music teachers in terms of piano accompaniment. The study was conducted with 85 pre-service teachers, who are 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students at Gazi University Gazi Faculty of Education Department of Music Education, and voluntarily participated in the study. Having been conducted in 2019-2020 Academic Year Fall Semester, a "school song accompaniment form” was used in the study, which was prepared by the researchers and took its final form with the opinions of field specialists. The form was applied to pre-service teachers in order to evaluate their knowledge on tonality/maqam, measure based functioning, use of an accompaniment model, and fluency in playing, based on one major, one minor, and one huseyni school song. Application process was recorded on video and submitted to 3 field specialist which was then followed by the calculation of the arithmetic mean of their evaluations, leading us to the findings of the research. The study concluded that the level of participants’ knowledge ontonality/maqam is good; whereas it is intermediate in terms of measure based functioning, and low when it comes to the knowledge ofusing an accompaniment model and fluency in playing. These data were tabulated and interpreted under related headings. Study results indicate the insufficient level of accompaniment practice in current music education bachelor programs. It is believed that future studies involving more accompaniment applications and contents will reach higher results.


Accompaniment, Piano accompaniment, School song, Educational Music


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