The Views of Social Studies Teachers on Historical Empathy
The Views of Social Studies Teachers on Historical Empathy

Author : Ümmühan Öner - Müşerref Kübra KINACI
Number of pages : 136-152


The purpose of the study is to determine the views of social studies teachers about historical empathy. For this purpose, the views of the social studies teachers about the concept of historical empathy, the methods they applied and the problems experienced were tried to be determined. The study was conducted in accordance with the phenomenological design of the qualitative research. The sample group of the study was composed of a total of 25 Social Studies teachers including nine females and sixteen males working in secondary schools affiliated with District National Education Directorates in Malatya city center, Yesilyurt/Battalgazi central districts in the fall semester of 2019-2020 academic year. The data of the study were obtained by using a semi-structured interview form with the interview technique and the obtained data were analyzed with the content analysis method. As a result of the study, it was determined that the teachers saw historical empathy as evaluation of events according to the conditions of the era and had knowledge about historical empathy. It was seen that teachers benefited from different methods and techniques to acquire this skill. In acquiring historical empathy skill, teachers were determined to experience problems arising from students, curricula, family and environment. For this reason, methods and techniques that are suitable for each student level and make the student active should be frequently included. In addition, while making regulations for the curriculum, teachers’ views should be taken into consideration.


Empathy, Social Studies Teaching, Historical empathy.


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