Analyzing the Relationship between Ethical Leadership and Organizational Justice and Organizational Identification in Schools
Okullarda Etik Liderlik İle Örgütsel Adalet ve Örgütsel Özdeşleşme Arasındaki İlişkilerin İncelenmesi

Author : Hatice Mıhcı - Tevfik Uzun
Number of pages : 29-39


The relationships between ethical leadership, organizational justice and identification in schools are analyzed in this research. The sample of this research includes in 315 teachers working in primary schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education in Giresun central district in 2017. The research is in correlational survey model. The consequences of the research demonstrate that there is a positive relationship between the ethical leadership of school principals and teachers' perceptions of organizational justice and their organizational identification. Ethical leadership behaviors of school principals predict the organizational justice and organizational identification perception of the teachers and a teachers' perception of organizational justice significantly predicts their organizational identification. The perception of organizational justice plays an intermediary role in the relationship between the principal's ethical leadership behavior and the organizational identification of teachers in accordance with the consequences of the research. It is considered that the consequences of the research will contribute to the evaluation of leadership, equality and identification theories from the holistic perspective in the field of educational administration.


Ethical leadership, organizational justice,


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