Game, Digital game, Digital game addiction
Investigation of Digital Game Addiction Levels of High School Students

Author : - Esra Bayrak Ayaş
Number of pages : 81-91


Technological developments that have influenced every moment of our lives have started to be effective in game concept and digital games have been replaced by traditional games. As a result of these developments, it was aimed to determine the levels of digital game addiction of students at high school level and to investigate whether various variables are effective on addiction. A total of 277 students participated in the study based on volunteering concept. Digital game addiction scale developed by hazar and hazar (2019) was used in the research. It was understood that the students who participated in the research had high levels of digital game addiction. It was determined that age factor had no effect on digital game addiction level. However, it has been observed that there are differences in gender, time zone and material variables used on digital game addiction.


Game, Digital game, Digital game addiction


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