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Investigation The Opinions Of The Teachers About The Quality Of Life: Quantitative And Qualitative (Mix) Analysis

The aim of this research, teachers who worked first and second grades primary school related their life quality, quantitative and qualitative analyzing their value judgments and examining in terms of some variables. While quantitative data obtained by scale intended for measuring the vandalism levels of adolescents, religious life scales, developed personal information form, qualitative data achieved to prepare open ended questions by investigators. Results related quantitative data obtained from independent T-Test, Pearson Product-Moment Correlation, One way analysis of variance. Results related qualitative data obtained from content analysis method of descriptive analyze. Content analysıs method was used within the descriptive analysis techniques for analysıs of qualititative data. Statements in the interview form were used by researchers and coding were performed from these statements. Recent codes were gathered and themes were formed. Thus views of the participants were tried to analyzed with descriptive and content analysis techniques. The quantitative part of the research 5 openented questions were asked. Research was performed to teachers studying various branches and living in Siverek (Ş.Urfa) and Nizip (G.antep). qualititative data of research were performed with 159 teachers and quantitative data were performed with 30 teachers. According to data, woman teachers’ exhaustion scores were lower than man teachers’ exhaustion scores. Single teachers’ score means about job satisfaction, exhaustion and compassion fatigue were higher than married teachers. It has been also found that income powerty, whether conditions of area lived in were good or bad stress originated from work load, being healthy or not and belief system that an important person’s happiness.

Life Qualitative, Professional Satisfaction, Values, Burnout


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