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Öğrencilerin Türkçe Dil Bilgisine Yönelik Başarılarını Etkileyen Faktörlere İlişkin Öğretmen Görüşleri

Grammar has all along been a field that the students have developed negative attitudes as it is an abstract and it is based on rote learning. The awareness of the students related to their mother tongue helps them deepen their current knowledge, improve their literate and aesthetic pleasure as much as it contributes to their written and oral expression skills. With the 2018 Turkish Course Curriculum, the approach to teach the grammar which was included in the acquisitions as from 5th grade by implicating was adopted. The aim in teaching the grammar is to help students internalize the comprehension and narrative skills rather than memorizing the rules. At this point, there are several factors that affect the success of the students in grammar like teacher, student, family, social environment, etc. which cannot be considered separately. In this study, it is aimed to determine the views of the teachers about the factors that affect the success of the students in Turkish grammar. The study which is a qualitative research was conducted as a case study. The participants of the study consist of 20 Turkish Language teachers working in Bayburt province in the fall term of 2017-2018 academic years. The data of the study were collected with a semi-structured interview protocol and were analyzed with content analysis. From the views of the teachers, 9 categories at total that affect the grammar success of the students were developed as a result of the study. According to the Turkish Language teachers participating in the study, the category that positively affects the grammar success of the students the most is the student-derived factors and teaching material-derived factors. These are followed by the factors such as curriculum-derived, teaching methods and techniques-derived and teacher-derived factors, respectively. It is once again seen that the leading factor that negatively affects the grammar success of the students is the student-derived factors. This is followed by the factors such as teaching method and technique-derived factors, teaching material-derived factors, teacher-derived factors, subject area-derived factors, higher education and undergraduate education-derived factors, testing system-derived factors and other factors, respectively.

Turkish language teaching, grammar, academic success, teacher view


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