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Instructional Leadership Behaviors of School Principals in Turkey

In this study, the opinions of 15 school principals working in different provinces of Turkey on instructional leadership behaviors were investigated. The study was carried out in the 2017-2018 academic year. This study was structured with qualitative research methods. 15 school principals working in state primary and secondary schools in Karabük, Ankara, Kastamonu and Istanbul provinces participated in the study. The semi-structured interview form used in the study was developed based on the model of Hallinger and Murphy (1985). According to the research results, it is understood that school principals exhibit instructional leadership behaviors sufficiently in some areas and insufficiently in other areas. School principals use the principles of the Ministry of National Education as a base to determine common goals, and they convey these principles to teachers. They are observed to monitor student learning. However, it was observed that they did not take the initiative regarding curriculum development or management and left these decisions to teachers. It was observed that school principals made significant efforts to develop the most positive learning climate and were highly effective in this field. In the study, it was also determined that daily routines, creating resources for school, and over-centralized structure were important obstacles to the instructional leadership of school principals.

School leadership, instructional leadership, school management, PIMRS


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