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Validity and Reliability Study on High School Students’ Attitude Scale Towards Historical Place

The purpose of this study is to develop a scale tool to measure the attitude of the tenth-grade students in high school towards a historical place. The final form of the scale, consisting of twenty-four items, was applied to three hundred and fifty tenth-grade students in three high schools in Adana city center. One hundred eighty-one of these students were girls whereas one hundred seventy of them were boys. The rotated principal component analysis was used to get information on the validity of the scale through the obtained data. The result of this analysis showed that the scale had a structure with four sub-factors. These sub-factors were called by researchers as "valuing historical places, curiosity towards/special interest in historical places, indifference to historical places, awareness of historical places". An exploratory factor analysis was conducted to reveal the construct validity of the scale. As a result of the analysis, the reliability coefficient of the scale (Cronbach Alfa) turned out to be .85.As a result of the confirmatory factor analysis, root mean square error approach (RMSEA) was detected as 0.068; standardized root mean square residual (RMR) as 0.073; goodness of fit index (GFI) as 0.87; adjusted goodness of fit index (AGFI) as 0.84; normed fit index (NFI) as 0.91; comparative fit index (CFI) as 0.95 and non-normed fit index (NNFI) as 0.96. Consequently, it is possible to say that the attitude scale towards the historical place designed for the tenth-grade high school students can be used to determine the positive and negative attitudes of the tenth grade students towards historical places.

Historical Place, Attitude, Scale, Validity, Reliability, High School Tenth Grade Students


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