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Measuring Musical Procrastination: Developing Validity And Reliability of Procrastination Scale Towards İnstrumental Practice

İn this study developing a valid and reliable procrastination scale toward instrumental practice aimed in music education. The study has been done in three stages with three study groups. İn first stage confirmatory factor analysis was performed (n =308) and three sub-factor was found. These are self-efficacy for instrumental performance (Cr. Alpha =,86) the second factor is the perception about instrument’s utility in the future (,81) and the third factor is organizing practice process (,77). The second stage of this study is performing confirmatory factor analysis. According to result of CFA, scale shows good fit indices (RMSEA= .039 (%90 confidence interval = 0.0; 0.039), CFI=.99, IFI=.99 GFI= .97, RMR= .30. Chi-square (x2 ) = 44.52, degree of freedom (df) = 32. x2 / df = 1.39). The third stage of the study is the test-retest and result obtained is r=, 853;p< 0,01. İt is thought that because of the scale is the first scale which measures procrastination in musical practice, in national end international music education field, will provide positive contributions for studies will be done about procrastination about music education in the future.

Procrastination, instrumental Practice, Music Education


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