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The Relationship Between Motivational Persistence and Achievement Goals of Turkish Teacher Candidates

Motivational persistence is perseverance, effort and stability to achieve goals and success. Achievement goals are defined by C. Dweck (1986) as a theory that determines the motivation and self-evaluation of the individual, and the way in which he perceives success. Thepurpose of this research is to determine the relation between the motivational persistence levels of Turkish teacher candidates and their achievement goals levels. The research is relational survey model in quantitative type. The study population consisted of Turkish teacher candidates studying in Turkish education discipline in universities in Turkey. In this study, it was used simple random sampling method. The main criterion when determining the sample is that Turkish education discipline of universities is active and students at each class level. Therefore the universe list of the faculty of education have these features at state universities in Turkey were formed and Firat, Aksaray, Recep Tayyip Erdogan universities were chosen. The sample consists of totally 483 Turkish teachers candidates from Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Fırat and Aksaray universities. In this study, it was used that The Motivational Persistence Scale developed by Constantin, Holman, Hojbotă (2011) and adapted into Turkish by Sarıçam et al. (2013). In addition, 2x2 Achievement Goal Orientations Scale developed by Elliot and Murayama (2008) and adapted into Turkish Arslan and Akın (2015). In the study, the relation between motivational persistence and achievement goals in termf of gender, grade level, grade point average and monthly income variables. Within the analysis of the data independent group t test was used in terms of gender and monthly income variables, and variance analysis was used in terms of grade. In order to determine the relation between the two variables Pearsoncorrelation coefficient and for the determination of the predicting level between these two variables, regression analysis were used. In this study, it was determined that the motivational persistence levels of the Turkish teacher candidates was positively related their achievement goals levels. In addition It can be said that the mastery-approach (β=.506), the mastery-avoidance (β=.077), the performance-approach (β=- .011) and the performance-avoidance (β=-.046) explain 29% of the achievement goals

motivational persistence, achievement goals, Turkish teacher candidates


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