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Gender Comparison of the College and Family Life Problems of the Preschool Teacher Candidates

Following the heightened number of male teachers at the early and primary levels of education, the pros and cons of being a male teacher have been studied from various perspectives within the last decade. This study focused on the common problems faced by the Turkish preservice early childhood teachers in their family and college life and how these problems have been differentiated according to gender. A total of 366 females and 366 males participated in this research. The hierarchical stepwise regression analysis was run to compare the common problems of the male and female students. Specifically, the problems in the college and family life were detected and the effects of health problems, socio economic and academic variables on those problems were measured. The IVs in this study were the health score, family monthly income, education level of mother and father, the rank order of preschool program choice, grade point average (GPA), number of siblings, and the grade. As a result, the problems of male students were affected by more diverse variables compared to females. One of the most striking findings of this research was to find out that the rank order of the program choice appeared as the source of problems of male students in four areas as; future work life, family relationships, social/friendship relations, personal perception and emotional condition whereas this variable did not add any variance to the problems of female students. The findings were discussed within the related literature.

college life; early childhood education; preservice teachers; Turkey


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