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An Original Dynamic Questioning System: DinaSoruS

With the widespread use of computer and Internet access, computer based assessment systems have become more widely used in education. Adaptive testing systems aimed at preparing students' personalized skills in this field of study and dynamic question generation systems aimed at producing different questions from the same question stand out. In this study, we have developed a prototype dynamic question generation system (DinaSoruS) which has a language for preparing a unique question and has the capacity to produce different questions dynamically from the same question type. It can be said that the basic element determining the effectiveness of a dynamic evaluation system is the capacity to produce different questions from the same question table. When the existing dynamic question generating systems are examined, it is seen that a large part of the question text can make dynamic changes in a limited extent. The DinaSoruS system is based on a question-lingual language that can make major changes in the mathematical question texts of the same question type. With the aid of system defined variables and functions, it is the capacity to produce many different questions by dynamically changing many elements (values, pictures, functions, graphics, etc.) in question texts. In addition, the system can dynamically prepare questions in the form of multiple choice or correct wrong question by combining the questions entered independently in the form of mathematical proposals. One of the 5th grade mathematics acquisition tests prepared by the Ministry of National Education (MONE) was adapted to the system and two different tests were produced dynamically and the effectiveness of the system was tested in the schools. The findings of the implementation study confirming that the DinaSoruS system works effectively and correctly have been presented and the possible contributions of the DinaSoruS system to measurement and evaluation have been discussed.

Mathematics Education • Online evaluation • Dynamic question generation • Mathematics test questions


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