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An Investigation of Teachers Job-Related Affective Well-Being In Terms of Their Personal Variables and School Principals’ Leadership Styles

The purpose of this study is to examine the teachers' perceptions of job-related affective well-being in primary schools in terms of their personal variables and the leadership styles of the school principal. This research used relational survey method with 230 teachers working in 14 different primary schools in Tokat province central districts. ’Multi-Factor Leadership Scale” which factor analysis made and adapted Turkish culture by Akdoğan (2002) and “Job-Related Affective Well-Being Scale” which was adapted Turkish language by Kuşdil, Bayram, Aytaç and Bilgel (2004) were used in data collection. As a result of the research, it was determined that the teachers' positive feelings about their jobs were higher than their negative feelings related to their jobs. However, it was determined that they experienced high pleasure /low arousal and low pleasure / low arousal emotions more. According to the teachers' perceptions, the leadership style levels of school principals are listed as transformative, transactional and laissez-faire. The perception of affective well-being related to job of primary school teachers was significantly higher than the branch teachers. As the duration of work at the same school increases, the teachers' job related affective well-being decreases significantly. It has been determined that school principals’ transformational leadership and its sub-dimensions of charismatic / inspiring, intellectual stimulation and individual support behaviors, and rewarding leadership style, which is the sub-dimension of transactional leadership increases both the teachers’ general positive feelings and pleasure levels and high pleasure / high arousal and high pleasure / low arousal emotions related to their job. School principals’ laissez-faire leadership and transactional leadership and its its sub-dimension of passive dimension of management behaviors increases teachers' low pleasure / high arousal, low pleasure / low arousal emotions and generally increases negative feelings related to their job.

Job-related affective well-being, leadeship styles, teachers.


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