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The Relationship Between Profession Choice Motivations and School Alienation States of Prospective Physical Education Teachers: An Examination of Gender Differences

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the relationship between profession and field choice motivations and school alienation states of prospective physical education and sports teachers in terms of gender. Participants were 174 (106 men, 68 women) prospective physical education and sports teachers attending Ege University Faculty of Sports Sciences. Data were collected using the Motivation Scale on Teaching Profession and Field Choice and the Student Alienation Scale. The canonical correlation analyses produced two significant functions indicating that intrinsic field choice motivation, meaninglessness, extrinsic field choice motivation and weakness were predictive for male prospective teachers. For female prospective teachers, extrinsic field choice motivation, meaninglessness, intrinsic profession choice motivation and weakness were predictive. As a result, intrinsic motivation factors decreased alienation for women while extrinsic motivation factors increased alienation levels for men. The resulting gender differences in our findings are discussed in relation to how academic fields and professions are gendered by society.

Profession and Field Choice; Motivation; Alienation; Physical Education; Gender Differences


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