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Prospective Elementary Mathematics and Prospective Classoom Teachers’ Beliefs Towards Mathematics

Beliefs have important place in teaching mathematics. Students especially build the basis of their beliefs in elementary schools. The aim of this quantitative research design is to determine prospective elementary mathematics and classroom teachers’ beliefs towards mathematics. For that aim prospective elementarymathematics and classroom teachers’ beliefs towards mathematics were comparedin terms of gender, department, university and grade level variables. Data of the study were collected by using “Mathematical Belief Scale” adapted into Turkish by Hacıömeroğlu (2012).The study was conducted during 2015-2016 academic year. The scale consists of four factors named ‘beliefs about constructing students’ mathematics knowledge’, ‘beliefs about teaching mathematical concepts’, ‘beliefs about teaching mathematical skill’, ‘beliefs about designing instruction according to students’ mathematical development’, and ‘beliefs about the developments ofstudents’ mathematical skills. Study group includes prospective mathematics andclassroom teachers enrolled at Education Faculties of Fırat, Kastamonu, Erciyes, Cumhuriyet and Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen Universities. No specific sample was chosen as the whole participants were included in the study. Independent groups t test wasused to see if there were any statistically significant differences among prospective teachers’ views based on gender, grade level and department variables. The non-parametric statistical technique Mann-Whitney U was used instead of Independent groups t test when the distribution of the data was found to be non-normal. One way ANOVA was used to determine the differences among prospective teachers’ views based on university variable. Findings of the study showed statistically significant differences among the views of prospective Classroom and Mathematics teachers. Several recommendations are offered based on the study results.

Prospective mathematics teacher, prospective classroom teacher, belief about mathematics


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