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The Effect of Creative Writing Practices on Students’ Writing Attitude and Success

Writing reluctances and failures of students are frequently mentioned in body of literature. The need to improve on success of writing and attitude towards writing constitute the starting point of this study. Quasi-experimental design with a control group and quantitative approach are engaged in this research. For the experiment process to be implemented on experimental group, ten of the techniques, of which their practices introduced in Oral (2014), are utilized. Study actualized with 41 students who are studying in 6th grade at a public school in the center of Van. Experimental group consisted of 21 whereas control group consisted of 20 students. Prior to this research, that had 10 weeks long experiment process, in order to pretest their success on writing both experimental group and control group were given the same written assignment and were assessed by three field specialist in accordance with “Assessment Criteria Form for Creative Writing (ACFCW)” promoted by Susar Kirmizi (2009). At the same period, so as to pretest the attitude towards writing “Attitude Criteria Towards Writing (ACTW), which was also promoted by Susar Kirmizi (2009), was carried out. By the outcomes of writing success and attitude pretests’ results, it has been observed that there is no significant difference between experimental and control groups and that they are equal, therefore experiment process is put into practice. Creative writing practice as experiment process has been implemented as two hours for ten weeks. First, activities were performed for determined creative writing practices with guidance of researchers; then students were asked to write about given subjects of practice. In order to eliminate the effect of writing, written assignment tasks that were assigned each week to experimental group are also appointed to the control group as a variable. Concluding the experiment process, success on writing posttest practice has been carried out on both groups by assigning them to write about the same topic. Attitude posttest was performed by using abovementioned criteria once more. Dependent and independent t tests were carried out while analyzing the data. When groups were compared both on their attitudes toward writing and success rates, a significant difference in favor of experimental group has been observed on both fields and this displays the positive effect of creative writing practices on students’ attitudes toward writing and on their success.

Creative writing, writing skill, attitude towards writing, attitude, written product.


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