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Investigation of Psychological Flourishing and Ostracism Experience Levels of Ahiskan University Students in Turkey
(Investigation of Psychological Flourishing and Ostracism Experience Levels of Ahiskan University Students in Turkey )

Author : Nagihan Oguz Duran   - İlham Müslümoğlu  
Type :
Printing Year : 2020
Number : 2020-2
Page :
20    26




The Turkish population which was expelled from Ahiska region after the end of the Ottoman rule has been scattered in many different countries due to the exiles and migrations. Many young Ahiskan Turks who live in various countries including Turkey prefer Turkey for university education. In this study, data was collected from 211 Ahiskan students who are studying at 25 different state universities in Turkey, in order to investigate the flourishing and ostracism experience levels of Ahiskan students who are continuing their university education in Turkey. The Flourishing Scale (FS) and The Ostracism Experience Scale (OES) were used in the collection of data. Both scales were found valid and reliable for use in this group with their original item numbers and factor structures. Neither FS nor OES scores were significantly different in terms of gender. FS scores did not indicate a significant difference in the level at which education was started in Turkey and whether or not the family resided in Turkey. Those who started their education at the university level in Turkey reported significantly higher ostracism experience than those who started their education at previous levels of education and those whose family did not reside in Turkey compared to those whose family did reside in Turkey. FS scores were negatively correlated with OES total, ignorance and exclusion scores. While the duration of residence in Turkey was not associated with FS scores, it was negatively associated with OES total and subscale scores.

Ahiska Turks, University students, flourishing, ostracism

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