Bullying And Earthquake Experience: The Role Of Hope, Life Satisfaction, And Motivation Among Adolescents
The purpose of the study was to investigate the role hope, life satisfaction, and motivation, in predicting adolescents’ bullying statuses that experienced the Van earthquake in 2011. Participants of the study were 317 middle secondary school students who live in the province of Van. Of 317 students, there were 168 females (%53), and 149 males (%47). Bully/Victim Questionnaire, Satisfaction with Life Scale, Children’s Hope Scale, The Academic Motivation Scale and demographic information form were used to collect data. Multiple logistic regression was used to analyze the data. Results revealed that the increase in life satisfaction and motivation decreased the likelihood of being in bully/victim category rather than not involved. Results were discussed in the context of previous research and some suggestions were given in terms of interventions provided by school counseling services for working with bullying.