Analysis Of Teaching Health Education At Primary School
The article deals with the new educational branch Health Education. The research aim was to compare knowledge of basic school pupils after attend of different teaching models. The combination of quantitative and qualitative methods was used in 7. (age 12 year) and 9. class (age 14 year). Researcher elaborate after entrance pupil´s questioning a set of didactic manuals on the topic of body care, self-concept, body self-concept and physical activity in education promoting health for the new school subject Health Education. After the practical application of these didactic manuals in the seventh grades of primary school, their effectiveness was verified through a final (output) questionnaire survey and made a comparison with the knowledge of pupils from the ninth grade. The results show significant improvement in pupils’ knowledge compared to the entrance questionnaire survey after regular lessons in duration half of year. The knowledge after introducing the health topics in other subjects (the old teaching model) were significant lower.