The Investigation Of First Grade Students’ Knowledge, Awareness And Attitudes About Recycling According To Whether Or Not They Have Received Preschool Education
This study aims to analyze the students who have started first grade after finishing the preschool period in relation to their extent of knowledge, awareness and attitudes about recycling within the context of environmental education. The study also focuses on whether or not there are differences especially between students who have received preschool education and those who have not. Causal-comparative relationship was used in this study. The study was carried out with 120 first grade students at six different primary schools in the city center of Kilis. As the data collection tool, a questionnaire including open ended questions was used in the study. The obtained data were analyzed by descriptive content analysis methods. Results showed that almost all of the students claiming to know the meaning of the recycling sign proved to be those who had preschool education. In general, results of this research show that first grade students who had preschool education developed higher awareness and attention on recycling compared to those who did not have preschool education. It can be concluded that having preschool education are important for development of first grade students’ knowledge, awareness and attitudes towards recycling and environmental friendly attitudes.