Opinions Of University Student’ About Talent Management At University
The purpose of this study is to reveal the opinions of undergraduate students about talent management practices at universities. Data of the research has been collected from 376 final year students at Faculty of Education at İstanbul Aydın University in the academic year 2015-2016. A survey has been developed to determine the views of students regarding the practices of Talent management. This research is designed with quantitative research method, by using scanning model. According to research’s results, it has been seen that Universities don’t make enough introduction and orientation studies for high schools students. Universities are informing students about scholarships and other opportunities. But they don’t give enough information about gains to be obtained in case of success and don’t make routing about departments. The research results show that Universities are defected in talent development stage of talent management practice. At the same time research results shows that students need talent developing applications. This research reveals that successful students are not adequately informed about different career opinions.