The Mediating Role Of The Irrational Beliefs Between Parenting Style, Interpersonal Style And Conflict Tendency
This study examined the relationship between parenting style, interpersonal style and conflict tendency, and it tested whether interpersonal cognitive discortions mediate this relationship. For this aim, Gaziantep University Student (N=246), ages ranging between 18-25, attending to different faculty and classes, have completed Turkish Young Parenting Inventory, Interpersonal Cognitive Discortions Scale, Interpersonal Style Scale, Conflict Tendency Scale and Demografic Information Form prepared by the reserchers. The structural equation modeling method was used for analysis of the data. Results of this analysis showed that irrational relationship beliefs mediated both relationship between interpersonal styele and normative parenting style (mother) and relationship between interpersonal stye and pessimistic/worried parenting style (father) but conflict tendency was not significant mediating effect this structural model. In structural equation modeling indirect effects’ significance was tested by bootstrapping method, results of this analysis indicated that both indirect effects was significant. The results have been discussed with regard to current research findings and some suggestions were made.