The University Students’ Attitudes Towards Seeking Psychological Help And Behaviors Related To Help Offer
The aims of this research is to examine the attitudes of university students towards seeking counseling help and understand how many of those students who accepted psychological help participated in the counseling process and showed the behavior of getting help. In this context, first of all, a total of 962 students, of whom 412 of them were women (42.8%) and 550 of them were men (57.2%), were reached with stratified sampling method in a state university. The participants were asked to fill in Attitudes Related to Getting Psychological Help Scale and personal information form. The data were analyzed by using t-test and one-way variance analysis for independent groups. In the second step, psychological help seeking behaviors and the voluntariness in the process of the 322 students who demanded counseling were evaluated. As a result, it is found that the behaviors related to psychological help seeking varies according to the student’s gender, income level, where they live and whether they accepted the help offer or not. In addition to this it is also found that most of the students who initially accepted the counseling gave up later for various reasons.