Card-sorting Activity İn The Analysis Of Primary School Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge Components
The purpose of this research is to reveal the orientation information of primary school teachers towards science in pedagogical content knowledge components. Four primary school teachers were studied in the research which was designed with case study among the qualitative research methods. Based on the 4th grade science curriculum in primary school, activities covering three disciplines including physics, chemistry, and biology were developed and applied to teachers. According to the responses of primary school teachers to card-sorting activities, primary school teachers do not care about the Turkish Educational System Realities. Furthermore, it has been observed that the social environment and opportunities of the school where the teachers work, the effect of the school administration on the teacher, the level of education of the parents, the preliminary information of the students and the effect of the revised program has an influence on adopting teachers this approach which focuses on teacher-centered approach. According to the research results, primary school teachers adopt the inquiry-based approach in the theoretical sense, but they cannot use the approach in classroom applications.