An Analysis Of Fundamental High Schools İn The Context Of Equality İn Education
The purpose of this study is to analiyse the experiences of high school students regarding the application of fundamental high school, who prepare for the university exam, and attend to fundamental high schools and public high schools, via their own opinions. For this purpose, the study was conducted with a phenomenological research approach. The main analysis of unit was students who attended both fundamental high schools and public high schools, and preparing for university entrance exams, also known as YGS and LYS. Research data was collected with in-depth interwievs with 20 last year high school students. The interwievs were conducted in accordance with semi-structured interwiev form which was prepared by the researchers. Data obtained through interwievs was analysed with content analysis and two main themes emerged. One of those theme was named as “Equity”, and the other was named as “Fundamental High School Phenomenon”. These themes were presented by quotations of participants and results were discussed.