Speaking Skills Of The Learners Who Learned Turkish As A Foreign Language At B2 Level: A Study On Developing The Graded Scoring Scale
The language that ensures conveying thoughts, feelings and desires has two functions as understanding and telling. Conveying the information, view, impression and thoughts, which have been formed in whole life period, with verbal means is defined as speaking. Speaking is included in the telling dimension of the language and is the primary way of self-expression. Verbal communication has important place both in society and in language education as a skill. It is important to study verbal skill, that lies at the hearth of verbal communication, in education od Turkish language to foreigners. For this purpose, in our study, a grading key is developed to measure Turkish speaking skills of foreigners that learn Turkish language at B2 level. In order to develop middle ranged grading key, we first reviewed current scales in the related literature. Based on this review and on the views of field experts, we formed a middle ranged grading scale. In the scale, the score 3 is assigned for the answer “yes”, 2 is assigned for the answer “partial” and 1 is assigned for the answer “no”. The developed scale is tested on verbal communications of B2 level foreigner learners studying at TÖMER, İstanbul. Three field experts evaluated and graded speaking of students. The established results are evaluated on SPSS program and correlation coefficients for confidence of grading are calculated. After that, speaking skills data of B2 level foreigner learners of Turkish language are evaluated with formed grading scale and students speaking skills are analyzed based on various variables. The study is implemented with screening model. The gathered data is analyzed with proper analysis technics and with the use of SPSS-16.0 program; the results are presented in tables and are interpreted. In order to test significance of correlation between two variables, t-test is utilized. To test significance of correlation among more than two variables, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) is utilized.