Psqı Estimation İn The Sample Of Russian Students
Sleep-related problems are common for young people like students and schoolchildren. The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) is a widely used measure of sleep quality in adolescents, but information regarding its psychometric strengths and weaknesses in Russian population is limited. Study goal was to evaluate sleep quality in the sample of Karelian students and compare with previous studies from other countries. A total number of 333 students from Petrozavodsk University and High Pedagogic School participated in this study (234 girls, 96 boys). Mean age was 17.75 ± 1.9 years. The mean global PSQI score was 6.16 ± 2.8 (median 6, range 0-17) with 56% of the participants experiencing poor sleep quality (> 5), and 19,5% reporting extremely poor sleep quality (≥ 8). Women had higher PSQI scores (6.59±2.89) compared to men (4.89±2.80).This is the first study in students from Russian Karelia, and it shows that sleep quality in our sample is affected by sex and not age. © 2016 IOJES. All rights reserved