Effective Communication Skills: A Proposed Model And Scale Development Study
The purpose of this study was to propose an Effective Communication Skills Model to evaluate the communication skills in different perspectives and develop a scale assessing the communication skills proposed in that model. In accordance with the proposed model in the study, five basic communication skills namely ego supportive language, active-participative listening, self-apprehension/self-disclosure, empathy and I-language, were focused on. The draft form of the scale aimed to develop in order to evaluate those skills was applied to a group of students (n=445) studying in 3. and 4. grades at the faculty of education in Pamukkale University. Within the scope of validity analysis, Item analysis, Explanatory Factor Analysis, Scale Intercorrelation analysis were used. Reliability of the scale was analyzed through Cronbach’s alpha coefficient. Results showed that the scale classified into 5 factors as proposed in the conceptual framework, and psychometric qualifications were seen acceptable. The findings of the study were discussed and recommendations were given.