Power Sources At Schools: Principals And Vice Principals
The purpose of this study is to determine the power sources found in schools according to the views of the principal and assistant principals. "phenomenology" was used as the model of the research. When the study group of the study was determined, appropriate sampling model was used. The working group consists of 29 managers. These managers are 14 principles and 15 vice principals. In order to collect data, "semi-structured interview" form was used. According to the opinions of the principal and vice principals who participated in the survey, the school administrators, vice principals, senior teachers, governor, national education director, parents, school parents and ministry officials are the power owners in the schools. Unofficial power sources include parents, politicians, other financial support people, non-governmental organizations, civil servants, servants and the press. These forces are seen more or less in every organization. For this reason, it is important that the vice principal and principals should be in an effort to put the existence of these forces into perspective and to turn them into useful situations for themselves and their schools. In this context, the following suggestions can be developed.