A Different Perspective on Socioscientific Issues: Cooperative Learning Activities with Pre-service Classroom Teachers

Author : Ayten Arslan
Number of pages : 21-40


The aim of the study was to determine the effect of different cooperative learning models (CLMs) on pre-service teachers’ views and attitudes towards socioscientific issues (SSIs). In this study an explanatory sequential mixed research design was used. The study sample consisted of 40 pre-service classroom teachers of the faculty of education and was divided into three groups: learning together group (n=12), jigsaw group (n=16), and control group (n=12). The study consisted of two parts: quantitative and qualitative. In the quantitative part, a one group pretest-posttest design was used, and data were collected using the Scale of Attitudes towards Socioscientific Issues (SATSI) and analyzed using descriptive analysis. In the qualitative part, phenomenology was used, and data were collected using a semi-structured interview form and analyzed using content analysis. Descriptive analysis showed no statistically significant difference in SATSI scores between groups. However, the jigsaw group had significantly higher posttest SATSI scores than pretest scores. Content analysis showed that CLMs improved participants’ attitudes towards, raised their awareness of SSIs, helped them develop social skills and had various benefits.


Cooperative learning,socioscientific issues, mixed research design

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