ERRATUM to “A Different Perspective on Socioscientific Issues: Cooperative Learning Activities with Pre-service Classroom Teachers” DOI: 
Published in the International Online Journal of Educational Studies, 2020, Volume 12, Issue 4; I am responsible author in the article with the reference "Arslan, A. (2020). A Different Perspective on Socioscientific Issues: Cooperative Learning Activities with Pre-service Classroom Teachers, International Online Journal of Educational Sciences, 12 (4), 21-40". It has been noticed that inadvertent mistakes were made in the following items in the article. I apologize to the reader for these mistakes. I kindly request you to make the necessary inferences and corrections.
1. In the article, the support of the Scientific Research Projects Commission Unit of Muş Alparslan University was mistakenly forgotten. The support should be specified and added to the article as a footnote as presented below.
This study was supported by the Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit (SRP) of Muş Alparslan University under the Grant Numbered BAP-17-EMF-4901-03
2. Related to the 4th qualitative research question presented on page 23, the findings in Figure 6 and Table 12 on page 30, Figures 10 and Table 16 on pages 33 and 34, and the explanations and references presented in the last paragraph based on these findings on page 36, it has been realized that should not be included in this study and were added inadvertently. It must be removed from the study. Below are the references to be extracted.
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3. If these additions made inadvertently based on the fourth qualitative research question are removed, the integrity of the study is not disrupted.

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