Instructions for Authors

    • Manuscripts should be original and written considering the academic and ethical rules. They should not be published or should not be under review elsewhere. Authors should consult APA Manual 6th ( while writing the manuscript.
    • Manuscripts can be submitted only in English language. Title of the article should be concise and should not exceed 15 words. Abstract should not be more than 250 words. Furthermore, 3 to 5 keywords should be provided.
    • The problem of the study should be clearly indicated in the Introduction part. Introduction part should be followed by method, findings, discussion and conclusion.
    • Articles should not exceed 7000 words except from references.
    • Format of the articles should be arranged according to IOJES template.
    • Copyright Transfer Form should be signed by the corresponding author and it should be sent through the mansucript tracking system.

    • Ethics committee approval document should be provided (if applicable) for the manucripts conducted after 2020. Studies requiring Ethics Committee document are all kinds of research conducted with qualitative or quantitative approaches that require data collection from participants. This document should be obtained from the related Ethical Committees of the universities. It is a requirement by ULAKBIM TR DİZİN for the journals waiting for possible inclusion in the TR DİZİN. Ethics committee approval is not required for articles that have used research data before 2020. Also Ethics Committee Approval is not required for review articles. Ethics Committee Approval information (the title of the ethics committee, date, and number) must be stated clearly in the method section as well as on the last page of the manuscript.

    • Manuscript Submission Fee:
    • International Online Journal of Educational Science charges a fee of 3.750 TL ($250) for each manuscript regardless of any acceptance or rejection conditions during the initial submission to the Journal. After the submission fee is made and confirmed,  manuscripts will be assigned to an editor then the blind review process starts. Please note that payment of the submission fee does not guarantee acceptance of your manuscript. Submission fees are necessary to cover the cost of office staff in processing and monitoring submitted manuscripts, as well as sending the manuscripts through our plagiarism scanning software ( There is no fee for resubmitted manuscripts after a revision request. The submission fee covers one submission to IOJES and the journal does not charge any publication fee for the accepted manuscripts.
    • Account Info:

      TL ACCOUNT  (3.750 TL)
      BANK NAME: YapıKredi
      TR IBAN: TR12 0006 7010 0000 0046 5710 37


      DOLLAR ACCOUNT  ($ 250)
      BANK NAME: YapıKredi
      TR IBAN: TR87 0006 7010 0000 0053 5167 30
      BANKA ACCOUNT: 0129 - 53516730

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The authors will be asked to provide a document indicating that their manuscript was proofread by a professional translation agency for each accepted manuscript as of September 2019. 

  • Creative Commons License
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