Views of Undergraduate Students and Lecturers on Distance Education
Views of Undergraduate Students and Lecturers on Distance Education

Author : İbrahim Halil Yurdakal
Number of pages : 207-221


English, Turkish language and History of Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions, which are continuing with face to face of trainings in some universities, have been started with a system called distance education and many universities are accelerating their infrastructure preparations for transition to this system. The courses in the curriculums of education are not only written by the Council of Higher Education but also have non-written informal teachings. This kind of latent gains are mostly due to the communication between the instructor and the student. In this context, many of the criticisms of these courses are given in literature. In this context, the aim of this research is to determine the distance education opinions of the lecturers and undergraduate students. The sample of the study designed according to the qualitative research method constitutes first-year undergraduate students in public university degree programs. The sample that is modeled with the purposeful sample consists of 47 first year undergraduate students and six lecturers. The six of three chosen instructors are important because they are the ones who gave this lesson in previous years. The data of the study was collected by open-ended questionnaire prepared by the researcher. Research data were subjected to content analysis. When the results of the study are examined, it is seen that teacher candidates and lecturers have developed a negative point of view towards distance education in general due to systemic failures, sound and image quality and internet speed. In addition, it is also observed that distance education is not effective in listening and speaking-based language lessons, attention is distracted and necessary feedback and correction cannot be done.


Distance education, APRH, English, Turkish language, qualitative research.

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