Examining the Relationship between Academic Self-Handicapping and School Attachment Levels of Secondary School Students

Author : Gazanfer Anlı
Number of pages : 117-130


The aim of the study is to examine the relationship between academic self-handicapping and school attachment levels of secondary school students. The research population was composed of 405 students studying in 5-8. grade of a secondary school located in Umraniye county of Istanbul. The sample consisted of 244 female and 161 male students and the mean age was 12.12. The data were obtained by using the Academic Self-Handicapping Scale and School Attachment Scale for Children and Adolescents. The frequency, arithmetical mean, standard deviation, correlation and path analysis used in the analysis of the data. The results of correlation showed that academic self-handicapping had a weak, negative, significant correlation with attachment to school, attachment to teacher and attachment to friend which are the sub-dimensions of the school attachment. The results of path analysis indicated that school attachment had a negative effect on academic self- handicapping.


Academic self-handicapping, school attachment, secondary school students

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