University Rectors’ Administrative Skills
University Rectors’ Administrative Skills

Author : Aydın Balyer
Number of pages : 55-68


The main goal of this study was to determine university rectors’ administrative skills according to academic unit administrators’ views. Qualitative phenomenological research design was employed in this study. The data were collected with an interview method and to that end 20 administrators were interviewed. They were chosen with maximum sampling method. The data were analyzed with content analysis technique. Results revealed that although most university rectors of this sample have poor administrative skills and frequently use autocratic management style. They do not run academic councils effectively, create a positive organizational culture, and are unable to transform their university into a third generation higher education institution. It is recommended that while appointing rectors, their administrative experiences, qualifications and qualities should be evaluated as well as formal requirements.


Administrative skills; higher education management, universities, rectors


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