Teachers’ Creative Teaching Perceptions: A Scale Development Study
Teachers’ Creative Teaching Perceptions: A Scale Development Study

Author : Adnan Gülözer - Gülgün Bangir Alpan
Number of pages : 268-281


This article is a scale development study aimed at determining the perception levels of high school teachers about creativity and creative teaching. In order to establish the item pool, firstly literature review was conducted and then, open-ended questions were asked to 22 teachers (12 male, 10 female) from the target group. In addition, 8 teachers were interviewed face-to-face and scale items were formed based on the answers given. The suitability of the 130 items in the item pool was examined in terms of scope and structure and the expressions that were partially incomprehensible or contradictory were changed with the suggestions of the teachers, some simulated items were combined. As a result of this correction, the number of items decreased to 124 and became ready for expert opinion. With the comments of eight experts consisting of faculty members (Professor, Associate Professor and Doctor Lecturer), the number of items decreased to 87. One of the statements among “Appropriate ”,“ Must Develop” and ”Not Appropriate” was ticked by them. The draft form of Creative Teaching Scale (CTS) was applied to 507 teachers (176 males, 331 females) in 10 provinces. As a result of the calculations made on the items of the scale, it was decided to remove 65 items whose item load was below 0.45. After the factor analysis, the reliability coefficient of the 22-item scale was calculated as .86. Descriptive statistics and exploratory factor analysis were conducted for the construct validity. For reliability analysis, Cronbach Alpha correlation test was used. As a result of exploratory factor analysis, a five-dimensional structure was formed. 1- In-class Applications (6 items) 2-Creativity Concept Perception (4 items) 3-Creating Multiple Learning Environment (4 items) 4-Adapting to Innovation (5 items) 5-Teaching Learning (3 items). The scale measures 53.67% of the total variance. In the confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), the scale model was found to be appropriate (X2/sd: 2.83, S-RMR: 0.05, RMSEA: 0.06, NFI: 0.95, RFI: 0.94, RMR: 0.04, IFI: 0.96). When the results of the scale are examined, it is seen that the factor loads of the items take values between 0.55 and 0.79. The final scale consists of 22 items under 5 factors. These 5 factors explain 54.92% of the scale variance.


Creative Teaching, Teachers' Perception of Teaching, Scale Development


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