Student Views About Energy Resources

Author : Vildan Boz -Aslı Görgülü Arı
Number of pages : 1-18


In this study, it is aimed to obtain knowledge and thoughts of secondary school students about energy resources. For this purpose, the research group consisting of 108 students from 10th, 11th and 12th grades in many different secondary schools in Istanbul was determined by purposive sampling method. In order to determine students' views on energy resources, a measurement tool consisting of open-ended questions was applied to the volunteer participants who wanted to participate to the research. For the purpose of the study, students were asked questions about energy resources. Before the implementation, the pilot test was used to test the intelligibility of the questions. Content analysis method was used for data analysis. Frequency and percentage (%) tables were created by creating codes according to the answers of the students. In order to ensure the reliability of the study, the data were also examined by a field expert and reliability was calculated by using the reliability formula of Miles and Huberman (1994). As a result of the data obtained, it is seen that students have knowledge about energy resources and possible damages of energy resources but their knowledge is not enough.


Energy resources, Environment, Content analysis

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