An Investigation of The Use of Videos/Films by Teachers Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language

Author : Mehmet Emre Çelik
Number of pages : 223-233


Technological advances do not only increase the number of teaching methods and techniques, they also multiply the materials used in language teaching/learning processes. Materials have become an important supporting element teachers/learners can benefit from at any time while teaching/learning a language. These materials do also include films. The fact that television and the functions of computers are nowadays combined in one device called smartphone and the fact that access to them is getting easier from day to day, distinguishes films from other materials used in language teaching. Films do not only offer learners a rich learning experience, but they also improve the learner’s ability to retrieve information in/outside the learning environment and play an important role in transferring the cultural codes of the target language. The aim of the study is to analyse the use of films as educational material by teachers teaching Turkish as a foreign language. The research is based on the descriptive scanning method. The study participants were Turkish teachers (n = 107) teaching at various universities and institutional affiliations of the Yunus Emre Institute abroad. Based on a literature research, the questionnaire used in the study was first drafted and then finalised with the help of experts. The questionnaire aims at determining the objectives, the frequency, the types and kinds of films used in foreign language teaching as well as features that make a film important and activities used along with films. The results were analysed with computer assistance (SPSS 25.0). At the end of the study, teachers were given various suggestions to improve the use of films in Turkish language teaching.


Language Teaching, Teaching Turkish to Foreigners, Teaching Materials, Films.

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