A Predictor of Teachers’ Psychological Well-Being: Teacher Self-Efficacy

Author : Ramazan Cansoy - Hanifi Parlar - Muhammet Emin Türkoğlu
Number of pages : 41-55


In this study, the relationship between teacher self-efficacy and psychological well-being was examined. The data were collected from 412 teachers working in public schools in Kadıköy district of Istanbul. Teacher self-efficacy and psychological well-being scales were used as data collection tools. In the study, teachers' self-efficacy and psychological well-being were found to be high. In addition, there was a positive and significant relationship between teacher self-efficacy and teachers' psychological well-being levels. On the other hand, teacher self-efficacy was found to be a predictor of psychological well-being of teachers.


Psychological well-being, Teacher self-efficacy, Relationship between well-being and self-efficacy

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